Our smallest infrastructure design, virtualizing everything onto a single Node 7 server.

The Solo 7 is a great design for home office use or as a spare development server. This is not a recommended configuration to run a business’ production workload on. All services are virtualized onto a single machine equipped with multi-drive failover support. Because the lone Node 7 offers no additional failover or service redundancy, regular maintenance windows are required to support this design.

The Solo 7 offers you the flexibility to start your operation on an extremely small budget while still housing your data and services securely in-house. It offers the opportunity to continue your critical business workflows even if your Internet connection is down by working locally. When your computing needs outgrow the Node 7 it is extremely easy to upgrade your infrastructure to a 737 or 767 design for increased performance and reliability.

Want to build one yourself? Here’s a parts list of everything we recommend to get started.